Root knot disease (Meloidogyne incognita)

Period of occurrence:

The disease occurs throughout the year

Identification of the disease:

  1. The leaves of affected plants gradually become yellow and the growth becomes stunted.
  2. Later the leaf margin curls and turns brown and eventually will fall.
  3. In severe cases, the affected plants wilt and die.
  4. Many knots which are spherical or can be seen on the roots.
  5. They may be small as a bean or large with irregular surface.
  6. The young knots are yellowish white in colour and are smooth and compact. 
  7. If these knots are dissected, some white and translucent mature female worms or egg mass can be seen with the naked eyes.
  8. Later the knot gradually turns brown and finally will become black and rotten.
  9. In sandy soil, the affected plants will generally die within 2-3 years in severe cases.


 Infected plant                      Galls on the roots


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