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Development of bio-nematicide for management of mulberry root knot disease
Management of soilborne diseases of mulberry through bio-fumigation
Investigations in to mulberry root rot disease, identification of QTLs conferring resistance and trait introgression
Development of integrated package for management of soil borne pathogens
Screening and identification of efficient lignolytic / cellulolytic microbes for effective decomposition of seri residue
Impact of microbially enriched compost on suppression of soil borne diseases of mulberry
Field evaluation of botanicals and bio-control agents against major foliar diseases of mulberry
Studies on the effect of leaf blight infected leaves on silkworm rearing
Micro propagation of mulberry and in vitro screening for resistance to root rot.
Investigation on predisposing factors for outbreak of root rot of mulberry and disease management with special emphasis on use of biocontrol agents and botanicals
Studies on seasonal incidence of mulberry diseases and their management- Studies on seasonal incidence of mulberry diseases
Studies on seasonal incidence of mulberry diseases and their control measures
Investigations on the association of fungal and bacterial pathogens with root knot nematode disease-complex and their management in mulberry
Studies on the management of leaf spot disease of mulberry through cultural practice
Influence of autumn application of fungicides and urea on severity of leaf spot
Studies on the phytoalexin(s) of mulberry (Morus sp.) varieties resistant to leaf spot pathogen - Cercospora moricola Cooke
Reaction of different mulberry varieties against Phyllactinia corylea, causal agent of powdery mildew
Integrated disease management of stem canker and root rot in mulberry
Studies on biocontrol of powdery mildew disease in mulberry
Management of mulberry diseases
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