Powdery mildew (Phyllactinia corylea)

Period of occurrence:

The disease occurs during winter and rainy season. The disease will be more in the mulberry growing in shaded and wet places.

Identification of the disease:

  1. Presence of white powdery mass on the lower side of the leaves.
  2. This white powdery mass is the white conidia .
  3. This white powdery mass will spread to in the atmosphere if a gentle shake is made.
  4. Yellowing on the upper surface of the leaves just opposite the white powdery mass.
  5. The severely affected mature leaves turn yellowish, leathery, and dry.
  6. The severely affected leaves fall off pre maturely.
  7. During the end of winter month when the temperature increases the fungus produce tiny black resting bodies known as cleistothecia  which can be seen with naked eyes on the mature and dried leaves on minute observation.


 Infected leaf                                            Conidia                                                     Cleistothecium

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