Manage powdery mildew during winter season
Powdery mildew is a serious disease of mulberry during winter season. Presence of characteristic white patches on the lower side of the leaves and yellowing of followed premature defoliation takes place. The disease will be severe in mulberry plants growing under shades and also where the soil moisture content is very high. The disease causes deterioration in the nutritive value of mulberry leaves which are unfit for silkworm rearing. Rearing with mildew infected leaves weaken the silkworm and the worms would be prone to diseases and hence decline qualitative and quantitative characters of cocoons. 
The disease is to be managed with application of Bavistin 50WP at 0.2% concentration. 200 liters of spray solution is required for spraying in 1 acre mulberry garden. The spray solution can be prepared by mixing 800g Bavistin (50 WP) in 200 liter of water. 
Safe period: The sprayed leaves can be utilized for silkworm rearing 7 days after the spray. 
  • Spray during the cool hours i.e. early morning or evening.
  • Strictly follow the safe period.
  • Avoid water stagnation in the mulberry garden. 
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